Tuesday, September 18, 2018



It's my favorite time of year.... almost fall! In the meantime, we've had to endure (or enjoy, depending on the type of person that you are) the last few hot hot weeks of summer. It's been muggy, rainy, and everything in between. I've chosen to try to have fun in the sun while it's still here (for once), so I've been traipsing around town in dresses. They're easy, versatile, and they keep me as cool as possible while we head into better weather -- sorry, summer fans. I saw this dress while I was browsing in Nordstrom, and I tried it on and fell in love with it!

This dress would likely fall to knee-length on many average sized girls, but if you're short like me it's going to end up being a little longer than midi would be. I liked that it wasn't trailing behind me gathering dust, and the navy and polka dot made it feel more casual to me. Most dresses and skirts make me feel like I'm dressing up a little too much, but this one had the opposite effect. I paired it with my trusty superstars, and I was out the door to enjoy a couple of beers on the patio! The orange bag added the little pop of color that I was looking for.

I've been giving a lot of thought to my blog, and I want to take it in a direction where I can still showcase my personal style as it grows and also share some of my other interests (food, beer, travels). In the next few months, I'm going to incorporate more of that content. Let me know what you guys think! I moved out of my apartment at the end of July, and during that process I let go of a lot of my wardrobe and I'm getting the chance to start over fresh and really reinvent my style. I'm looking forward to taking y'all along!
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