Thursday, August 25, 2016



When it's fully summer time, I find it becomes increasingly harder for me to find something to wear that's comfortable and that I won't melt in - I'm not going to lie, the hotter months are my least favorite when it comes to my personal style and fashion trends or ensembles in general. I've always been someone who takes comfort in long silhouettes and layers, so sometimes summer dressing can become a nightmare for me. After moving back into DC in June, I realized that I had to start finding things that would keep me moderately cool, and that I also felt confident in. That being said, I've been loving draping shirts and shorts as a combination, with almost any type of shoe and sometimes an outerwear piece for chillier nights (although those are few and far between around here). In my last post I mentioned that I'm rocking heels and a baseball cap all the time, and as much as I like that look I've also been getting into chokers as well! It's a fun, easy, and relatively cheap way to jazz up a more basic outfit.

This shirt has become one of my favorites, because it's made of super soft fabric and just drapes off your shoulders, which lends an effortless, laid back sort of vibe to any look. It's awesome paired with jeans or even a skirt, and it's something I can wear all day without thinking about it. I bought in black first, but I'm really liking pastel pinks these days so I grabbed this one as soon as it came into the store. In the past, I've worn it with a lacy bra for a little bit of detailing when the straps showed, but for this post I chose a strapless bra so there's a little shoulder action going on. I think that the clavicle area is a really understated, sexy part of a woman's body, and this is a nice way of showing a little skin without feeling too risqué.

 I paired this tee with a pair of denim shorts from H&M in a lovely light wash, and then to pull the look together I added the choker and the leopard print boots for a pop of print. The white denim jacket with floral embroidery is a boxy cut and the color and decoration give an overall summery feel. I didn't actually wear the jacket out that night because it was boiling, but it's a nice touch!

What have you guys been living in this summer? Share your style tips for staying cool and comfy in the heat down below! I'll see you in the next post.


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