Monday, May 16, 2016



I don't think I've done a blog post on this topic yet which is slightly alarming, but finally we've reached an article of clothing that's become very near and dear to me: the bodysuit. I don't know what exactly started my obsession, but the fact that they're on trend right now doesn't help either. To me, they're a fun alternative to a plain top, and they come in so many different cuts and colors and styles that I'm never bored by them. You can find them at any major retailer - Forever21, H&M, Asos, Missguided... the list goes on. Mine are primarily from Topshop, as I work there, and my collection has grown at an exceptionally fast rate. I default to bodysuits to wear on nights out, so most of mine are black and a little more risque than the one pictured above. I actually have this same bodysuit in black, actually.... (like that's a huge surprise to anyone).

I can't say enough about this t-bar structured body, though! It's a good price point, and I highly recommend it. The material is nice and sturdy, which means it'll take you from a daytime look to a long night out - exactly what happened after I shot this look! I'm becoming quite fond of blush tones for spring, which is surprising, so I picked up this body and decided to style it with lighter washed denim tones to bring it into spring. I love that it's so versatile, and that I was able to wear it out in the day and not feel overdressed. When I took it out on the town, I also felt dressy enough to go have a dance!

It's probably also obvious that I love this outfit because I get to show off two of my favorite tattoos, so if you have some in the same spots then you might be interested in this look too! And even if you don't, I think this is a light enough ensemble to bring yourself into warmer weather. I'm also a fan of a good denim on denim look, it brings a bit of cohesion in and the oversized fit balances out how tight the rest of it is.

Would you wear bodysuits into spring? Do you already love them? Let me know what you think in a comment below, and I'll see you in the next post. Thanks for reading!


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