Sunday, March 27, 2016



It feels both strange and completely natural to be writing a post again after so long! I hope everyone has been well! Life has been moving quickly but somehow at a sluggish pace, so I find myself in an odd place, but I'm glad I finally found a small respite to get back to blogging! It's been a combination of a lot of work, social obligations, and lack of time/place/photographer to shoot. I'm queuing up a few posts however, so hopefully there won't be such a long pause between this post and the next one.

Spring is right around the corner where I am, and even as I'm writing this it's super warm! This outfit is essentially my last hoorah to any sort of wintery weather (knock on wood), so I thought I'd pull together a few pieces I've been loving. Of course, the color palette is pretty muted and grey with a bit of white and black to balance, but what do you expect folks? By now, those of you who haven't seen my actual closet should be picturing a sea of colors similar to the ones I'm wearing above. I think the star piece of this post has to be the white trench, but tragically it doesn't get much wear because it gets dirty so easily. I hope I can change that for spring, as I think it lends some freshness.

My favorite thing about this turtleneck is the zip detail at the back, which I unfortunately didn't think to shoot. The zipper at the back comes up all the way to the top, which is a nice way to add a little unexpected detail to an otherwise pretty simple article of clothing. I wish I could wear trousers more, but I find them too severe unless paired with more casual pieces -- I like this pair because of the white stripe running along the sides. I pulled the look together with a simple bag, and these killer boots which I am obsessed with. I would wear them every single place (even to sleep) if they honestly didn't kill my feet. Beauty is pain though, am I right? For me, that saying is true, at least when it comes to these shoes.

I call this my elevated Hotline Bling look. Do you think Drake would approve? Let me know what you think down below! Unfortunately I wasn't able to link much as most of these items are older and sold out, but you should be able to find some alternatives with a little luck! Happy shopping, and see you in my next one - thanks for reading!


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