Monday, November 30, 2015



It's been a long while since my last post, life has gotten so busy but at the same time I've gotten the opportunity to step back from this blog and think about all the ways this journey has been so good! I started this blog in November of last year, which means that this month is my one year blog-a-versary (is that even a word? probably not), and that in itself is exciting to me. I've always struggled to keep up with my hobbies and really hone in on my skills, but this to me has come pretty easily. It's a labor of love and I'm very passionate about it, and happy to continue on so far! Hopefully there will be many more years of outfits and posts to come. Thank you all so much for stopping in at any point and seeing what it is I have to say, it really means a lot that people even take a look at this little blog! Keep an eye out for a possible face lift, and some more exciting stuff soon!

The last outfit post I did with my friend Owen about the Adidas Superstar sneakers had more of an androgynous, unisex feel, but this one is definitely on the tomboy side of the spectrum. I like to show versatility on this blog, because I don't really dress the same from day to day - I think of myself as a mood dresser. Outside of the dressier posts I've done, if I have the day off and I'm hanging out, I usually go for something like this. It's easy and comfortable! I will admit I'm not a heavy hat wearer, but sometimes I can't be bothered with making my hair look decent so this is the best solution. Have you noticed it's a little blue, as well? I thought I'd mix it up and have a little play!

My good friend Maggy helped me pick out these shoes and this dope t-shirt, which reads "good vibes never die." The first time I saw it in the Vans store, I knew I had to go back and repurchase it as soon as I could. As for the shoes, I've always wanted a pair of old skools; to me they're very similar to the superstars in that they match with everything and they're extremely comfortable and practical. I of course got them in the standard black and white, but they come in different color options so click around and have a look! I definitely plan on including them in more of my future posts.

Well, now that I finally look like the Hot Topic frequenting, Blink-182 listening rebellious youth that I've always wanted to be, I'll bow out until the next time. Thanks so much for reading! Links to all items are above.


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