Friday, July 10, 2015



I'm really excited about this post, because as soon as I saw these two pieces I just knew that they were meant to be together, and I could envision it in my head! I didn't even hesitate to snap them up because they were on sale, but even if they weren't I would have made it work. Over the past few months I have really been trying to purge my closet of unnecessary junk - you know, those old things you keep around because you wore it once on this epic night out, or because it was $9.99 and what a good bargain that was... but things that you really never wear. There were things in my closet that hadn't seen the light of day in years! That being said, I've been trying to make the shift into more of a minimalistic, simple wardrobe and silhouette in my clothing. I also want to keep a little bit of boyish flair in my look, and I think that this has achieved all of that!

Talk about man-repelling, guys. The crop top is the bit of feminine touch to this outfit, but otherwise we are talking a figure-drowning, boxy as hell aesthetic - and I love it! I have always had a deep abiding love for culottes, not only because they're comfortable but because of the flowy look they add. I find that it's best to pair them with a tighter fitting top, and since most of them sit higher on the waist it's easy to get away with crop tops if you're not usually that kind of gal. I myself am not an extreme crop top lover, but it's summer and the looser the bottom, the tighter the top (or something like that, I don't know I made it up)! Just to make this outfit even darker and more masculine, I threw on one of my favorite sleeveless jackets/vests/whatever you want to call them, and I think it brought the whole thing together! I think wearing my hair back also helped.

Unfortunately the bulk of these items are so old that they either sold out, went to sale, or just plain disappeared. I tried to track down as much of this outfit as I could, and as usual all of it is from TOPSHOP (can you blame me? Retail woes). I hope to be doing some more posts with looks like this, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one! In the mean time, let me know what you thought down below.


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