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If you read my last post, you know I warned you all.. more khaki in the future! And here it is, in the form of this amazing blazer. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to take the time to shoot a look that's just a little bit different for me. I'm trying to venture into a more easy and minimalistic style, so I'm shopping for pieces that I can use all the time as opposed to hoarding trend pieces that I'll end up chucking after a season or two. It really has been a long time since my last post, how's everyone doing? Life has been hectic and up and down for me, but I'm still hanging in there. My wallet's a bit tight lately I'm not going to lie, so there definitely won't be any hauls in the near future - but I will have fun piecing together whatever's in my wardrobe (don't worry there's plenty, maybe even too much)!

So more about this outfit: when I saw this blazer at H&M, there was no question about it. Form the color to the cut, I just find it so effortless. It's a crepe material so it's light enough to take into warmer months, and I think the cut is so sharp and classic that it can go from work to a night out with barely any transition at all. I think it'll be a staple piece for me, and I look forward to wearing it with lighter turtlenecks and such when autumn swings around. I paired it with this great lightweight cami from Topshop, which comes in a million colors (of course I have it in four) and again works great either casually or for a night on the town. The V neckline definitely plunging, but not too low that it's inappropriate. I suggest you check it out if you're looking for something you can get a lot of use from!

To finish the outfit off and give it a little edge, I wore my blue ripped jeans and then some darker khaki/olive/military green chelsea boots to tie the color together I wanted to keep the look modern and fresh, so instead of the big clunky handbag I usually carry I opted to take this new wristlet out for a spin. The cream and navy combination is so perfect for summer, and if you have a card holder you can fit pretty much everything you need in this thing! I've been loving it so far. Almost all the items are linked above, so happy clicking! Let me know if this is a look you'd try out, down below.

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