Sunday, May 17, 2015



I know in the last post I said I wasn't much of a dress girl, but we're in that rather warm transition between spring and summer and I'm finding myself lazy and unwilling to sweat when getting from point A to point B. The easy solution for me is to throw on a dress, because it eliminates me having to think too hard about an ensemble. If I know I'm headed indoors and it might be chilly, I throw on a cardigan or blazer and keep it moving! I think for this summer, I'm going to be much more invested in dresses and tops with cut outs in the sides and back, low backs, or that are backless altogether. I'm really liking that look, and with a lot of concerts coming up for me I think it's a easy way to stay cool and look cool. This of course will require some special bras/bralets etc, but I am hoping to do a post about that sometime soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

While shopping at Pacsun I stopped by the Brandy Melville selection and saw this dress, which is in a babydoll style. I wasn't too keen on it at first, but when I picked it up I noticed the straps and the low cut back so I decided to try it on. Obviously I loved it because I'm wearing it in this post, but what's really great about it is it's frilly and girly, but easy to toughen up. In the fall, in envision this with combat boots and a heavier layering piece, and maybe knee-high socks or tights when it gets even brisker. Keep in mind that it is rather short, and I can pretty much get away with it because I'm 5'2 but if you're much taller I would definitely try it on before committing, or find some bicycle shorts to keep all your bases covered. I'm wearing a little lacy bralet I got recently from Urban Outfitters, but I can imagine this dress would be really nice without one (if you can get away with it) as the back detail is just amazing.

The cardigan is an older one from Topshop, and I just like that it's so simple and longline (and it's khaki guys. Did we forget my obsession already? Probably not). I chose these boots for the little bit of height, but they work because they give my legs a little bit of coverage too. The above links are about as accurate as I can get them, and if it's not the exact item you'll find yourself looking at a different version or color. This is a simple outfit anyone can just throw on and leave the house and feel cute in, so I definitely hurried to shoot it so I could share it with you all! I would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment down below for me if you don't mind and I'll see you in the next one.



  1. Beautiful outfit x

  2. Have just found your blog and love it! You have such a good sense of style and this outfit is so cool :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. B E A U T I F U L !
    Love your dress & your hairstyle !

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