Wednesday, April 22, 2015



I think I can say it without jinxing everyone, but the weather is finally nice! Spring might actually be here! Don't get me wrong, we still have really chilly days where I'm at, but overall the bitter cold is gone and I can finally dust off all the dresses in my closet. I'm usually a pants/jeans type of girl because I can't be bothered with looking or feeling girly all the time, but I have collected quite a few nice dresses over the years. I'm excited to see if I can find new ways to style some of my old favorites, because honestly I think a dress is like a good pair of jeans in a way. Once you find the perfect fit, color, and shape, it can stay with you for years and be worn any number of ways! I guess that could be said about many pieces in a wardrobe as well, but go along with me here.

This dress is actually a new one, and the thing that drew me to it was the color. Just as much as I was obsessed with burgundy/oxblood/whatever this past autumn/winter, I am wildly into hoarding khaki/green/olive for the spring. There are other colors that are hugely on trend like navy, bold floral prints, cream, tan, etc, but for some reason military green is really stealing my heart right now. I think it looks so clean and easy, and the best part about it is that utility colors and trends transfer perfectly into fall. I love khaki and white together as well, so maybe you'll catch a bit of that on the good old blog sometime soon! Keep your eyes peeled. Anyway, this dress is from Zara and it was only $19.99! I couldn't resist. It's a really nice babydoll shape which gives it movement, and it can be paired with so many things because it's os simple. When it comes to dresses I prefer either this shape, or an oversized shift cut to skim over everything.

The other details of the outfit, the leather vest and the cut-out boots, are both quite old purchases but again two of those pieces you can throw on with anything. I brought black in to toughen up the sweet silhouette of the dress, and because honestly I own so much black that it's really hard for me not to incorporate it into every outfit. I think this look is perfect for a spring or autumn day, and it would be universally flattering! Pop into your local Zara (or click link above) and see if you can find this dress as it also comes in many other colors if this one isn't your cup of tea - I was tempted to grab the black and white striped version as well, but forcefully parted ways with it for the sake of my wallet. I know you all know that feeling.

Let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from you as always! 


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