Monday, April 27, 2015



Hey y'all! It's finally starting to get warm over here (and by that I mean somewhere in the 60 °F range), and thus it seems I have caught the shopping for new spring things bug. Has anyone else been feeling like that lately? I went for a burger and some chill Sunday fun with my friend Mikal, and of course we stopped by nearby outlets to walk off the food. I picked up a few bits and bobs, including the top and bottoms pictured above at H&M. They were both something like $9.95, which is such a bargain, and I just loved the way they looked together! I think I'm ready for shorts weather now...I say this, but watch out for the posts in the future when it's super warm and I'm crying and moaning about the heat. I guess I'll enjoy this perfect balance of warm/cold while we still have it!

So like I said, both pieces above are from H&M and there was something about the suede-feel shorts and the black and white stripe that looked amazing together to me. I just threw on an older khaki (olive green/military green whatever) coat that I've had from a while to top off the look, and to give it a bit of a safari sort of feel. Let's go with it, okay? I bought two pairs of lightweight Birkenstocks which I threw on, and then a hat you all have seen before for that extra something. The overall feel is super laid back, neutral, and universally flattering! If you're stuck on what direction your style will take as the weather heats up or as we're in this transition between spring and summer, I think this is one route you can take that's easy, playful, and cheap at the same time.

Let me know what you think below, and see you guys in the next one! Fair warning - there is A LOT of khaki waiting for you guys in the next few posts. Seriously, I can't get enough.


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