Friday, March 13, 2015



Many apologies, all! It has been a crazy week or two, let me tell you. I wanted to try to get a post in before I went travelling, but time was not in my favor! This past couple of days I have been in Atlanta, Georgia, on a work trip! I went to be a part of the opening team and lend some support as Topshop expands and includes a new store in the country! If you're ever in Lenox Square, check it out. The store is beautiful and I had such a fun time setting up and meeting their team. Every day I realize just how much I enjoy working for the company! I would include a photo or two, but regrettably my luggage never left the airport and my camera was in it. I was so stressed without my clothes, but I made do! I put this outfit together upon my arrival, and decided to shoot it as soon as I possibly could.

I know, I know, I'm in all Topshop yet again. I try to avoid doing that for these posts, but as I was on a trip for the company I wore all my best from the brand in order to look good and impress! You can either hop on over to the site following my links above to try to find these items, or have a browse around elsewhere for similar things that are likely more budget friendly. The snow has finally melted and spring has seemed to arrive! I decided to ditch some of my dark colors (this is in stark contrast from my last post, isn't it) and go for a lighter, more creamy and pastel palette. I really like the end result, although I did have to carry around a tide-to-go pen with me to avoid the inevitable stains. The shirt is perfect as a dress since I'm so short, but I decided to pair it with some cream skinny jeans and my converse for a cool oversized silhouette as usual. By now, you all know that I'm a vest fiend, so when I saw this one in Atlanta I immediately picked it up and bought it. It's light, a gorgeous color, and pretty much goes with everything. LONG LIVE THE VESTS/WAISTCOATS, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM!

I kept the rest of the look simple, with minimal jewelry, and let my hair have its moment. I've been having such a blast with these braids, and I recently redid them to include more silver/gray bits. For me, spring is all about lighter colors and textures, so keep an eye out for more posts like this in the near future! But never fear, my lovelies - I will never abandon my true and unending love for dark grays and of course, black. Leave a comment below and let's get to chatting! Thank you for stopping by.


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