Monday, February 16, 2015



I have been so, so excited for this post guys. I wanted to post a sneak preview of it on Instagram or something, but I made myself wait until I could link you to the full set of photos. Obviously there's a major difference, and that would be my HAIR! I was looking into protective styles since the weather is super cold out here and I didn't want to deal with wet hair until it warms up. I was toying with the idea of braids for a while but never wanted to cough up the money to get them done, so I decided to go to the beauty supply and buy some marley hair to do twists instead. The braiding hair caught my eye instead, so I ended up getting some in two colors and went ahead and braided my entire head myself! I will say it was quite difficult at the start, especially with the back pieces, and I am well aware it's not perfect, but it's a start! Can't wait to play with some more colors and such, because I definitely think I'll be rocking this look for a while. Can you tell it makes me think I'm actually cool?

Anyway, onto the details of the outfit! I bought this "Afternoon Wrap Jacket" as they call it on the Free People site a while ago, and every time I wear it I receive so many compliments because of its color, length, and the way it drapes. This is a piece I have found to be very versatile, and if you head on over to the Free People website you can see that they actually style it in a number of different and unique ways. It's super soft and a weighty, thick materials, so I think it's an excellent investment for anyone who's into this look or just wants a cardigan they can throw on with pretty much anything. Underneath, I just have a simple ribbed turtleneck top which is so much more than it seems. I have been wearing it nonstop because it makes every outfit look so sleek, and I mean EVERY outfit. It also comes in a grey and white color, which I think I'll be forced to snap up because of how functional it is. If a piece serves you well, you should always buy it in every color it comes in, just a general rule of thumb (for me anyway)!

The denim is from Topshop, in the Jamie fit with ripped knees. I really love the way these fit on me, as they are high-waisted with plenty of stretch room for comfort. The wash is what really sold them, however; I don't own a pair of grey jeans, and since my wardrobe is mainly comprised of a darker palette I knew these would fit right in. They're one of my favorite purchases this winter season! To complete the look, I wore these beautiful Zara boots that are almost a western style in design. I love the heavy chains and jewels on them - I snapped them up in a sale last spring and have pretty much worn them to death since then. I think this outfit has a laid-back, bohemian feeling to it, but turtleneck helps to pull it together and make the lines pretty neat and streamlined. I'm 5'2 so I'm not the tallest lady, and I know us short girls can definitely tend to shy away from things that are super long for fear we'll look even shorter. I say, take a chance and wear something like this cardigan! There are certain tips and tricks you can use to enhance your features, but at the end of the day if I'm comfortable in it then I'm gonna buy it and I'm sure as hell gonna wear it!

It was absolutely FREEZING when we shot, so I would definitely say save this cardigan for warmer days, but it's a great layering piece and I strongly suggest checking it out! All items sans the boots are linked above. Happy shopping! Leave a comment below telling me what you think, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Until the next one!



  1. OH MY GOD I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPS BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED AND SO IN LOVE. Kiks I can't even. YOUR HAIR THOUGH *sassy dancing lady emoji for days*. You look fucking incredible, seriously. It's so good to see you, as a fellow short sassy sister, wearing longline pieces as well. This is definitely a struggle for me but when you find that one thing that hits just right, it's like the heavens opening up. Btw don't be creeped out but I've already lined you up for my #WCW on Insta because this outfit, this hair and THIS GAL need to be shared. All my love sass queen xxx

  2. You're beautiful ! X

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! flawless